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 Gold Coast Kaleidoscope: Music Art Dance Story is an exciting new cultural project in Stamford, which introduces, links and organizes local performing talent through regular events. Our vision is to weave together a community of music, art, theater and dance enthusiasts and inspire the audience. 

Upcoming Event Sat April 21st 7pm-10pm

                            Hi friends!

We have amother amazing Kaleidoscope evening planned for Sat April 21st!

                          Dumky Soiree

Our Art Exhibit and reception will feature a highly successful artist and we are very fortunate to have him!

Our Concert will begin with baroque music for classical guitar, continue with a clarinet and piano duo, then a vocal performance by a Brazilian-born singer/songwriter, followed by Animal Farm chapter 2, and finally Dvorak piano trio with some surprises along the way, 

Is there an intermission? Of course! 

Tea and cookies!

...Meet the artists!

We will play the music from our favorite playlist and you might want to slow-dance... 

Wear comfortable shoes, just in case!

Admission: $20

$10 for students and seniors

Free for children under 12

What's in a name?

Gold Coast Kaleidiscope: Music Art Dance Story and Theater is a social group, brought and bound together by our endless enthusiasm and love of the arts. 


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